FoXray is an Xray-focused client that supports iOS, iPadOS and macOS. You need to have a certain understanding of Xray-core to use this client smoothly.

This application does not collect user network activity data. All data will remain on your device and will not be uploaded to our servers.

This application does not include any VPN service. You need to build your own Xray server or purchase Xray nodes. Please comply with local laws when using this application.


  1. VLESS (supports reality)
  2. VMess
  3. Shadowsocks
  4. Trojan
  5. Socks

Routing and DNS:

  1. Supports almost all Xray rules and custom data sets.
  2. Supports routing DNS queries to avoid DNS leaks.


  1. Support VMessAEAD/VLESS sharing protocol and Xray json configuration.
  2. Support Clash and Clash.Meta configuration.
  3. Supports importing Xray configuration through camera, album, file, clipboard or link.
  4. Provides a private sharing protocol to share your routing, DNS and subscriptions.

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